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Tips For 2v2 Battle

The 2v2 battles have come back to amuse our gaming and we are sure that most of you are very excited and playing many battles in this mode daily but ... Have you ever wondered if you are a good 2v2 battle partner? I've prepared a little guide for you to find out.

Advertise your moves!

This is the most important and will greatly increase the performance of your battles. Keep your cards to a few seconds before releasing speaks a lot of your experience and we definitely should do.

Never give up on the game.

This is a golden rule, if your first tower falls quickly does not mean that the damage can not be recovered. Rethink the strategy and battle to turn the game around, you'll be surprised how many battles you can effectively recover.

Support your partner's attacks

The idea of ​​playing 2v2 is to support each other, and not play each other on your side, so whenever you can, follow your partner's push with a good complement, be it with some spell, support or tank to absorb the damage. Of course we all make mistakes, so if your partner makes a wrong move, throwing your Mage to a certain death .... it may be best to consider an exception and not support a bad attack.

Help defend

Following the previous point, maybe your partner has managed to build a good attack and you should be responsible for the defense, or maybe both have a good alternative to defend, but yours is better, be sure to avoid spending elixir and keep your towers safe.

Do not mix your troops with your partner's

In 2v2 battles, spells such as Rocket or Fireball are more valuable as they can reach more enemy troops. Make sure you do not start the attack with a bunch of cards if you have the chance of your opponent having some of these spells. You will not want to miss a combo with cost 15 elixir with a rocket only ...

Do not blame your partner

Especially when you play with strangers, we all make mistakes, bad times or situations beyond us that ruin us battles. If your opponent made a mistake, you do not know if it's because he may have received a call, had a delay, or is just trying to use new cards. Better to try to support, taking the reins of the battle and always look for the best possible battle, you will not want to risk your trophies!

If you are testing deck, please let me know ...

And so you do not go past the previous point, try to test new decks only with the people you know, so you can warn them.
What's your tip for other players to put into practice in 2v2? Comment on it and let's collaborate to keep the community environment better!

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