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All About Touchdown Mode!

The Touchdown mode will be the new game mode that will be implemented in Clash Royale with the next update. This is just one of the news that we will have, but we already know that the famous Supercell game will undergo significant changes with the addition of a new system of Daily Quests, New cards and more .
Learn all about Touchdown mode
Check out this post all details about the new gameplay, the Touchdown in the Clash Royale!

What is Touchdown mode?

We started by saying that the Touchdown mode will arrive in the Clash Royale with the next update of the game, which has not yet scheduled date, but has already been revealed by Supercell itself, which will be this October (in the next few days, I believe) .
As one of the presenters of the Touchdown Tournament, who introduced the way to the world, this is a different way to everything we've seen in the Clash Royale. The changes range from gameplay, visual arena game goals and special elements such as the Goblin Judge, Elite Barbarians with American football helmets and etc.
The goal of the game here is to reach the other side of the arena and at the same time defend your field to prevent others from reaching your area. It's three minutes, whoever wins sometimes in that time is already a winner ... in fact, when the troops cross the line and the match is won, the troops disappear and the game starts again from scratch. If you are tied, the game will go into extra time and with the first team getting a touchdown it wins the whole battle!
It is also worth mentioning that this mode will use the Strategy Challenge format, where you choose 4 cards for yourself and discards the others for the opponent.
Rules of Deployment of Cards
The biggest question surrounding the touchdown mode is on cards like Miner and Barrel Goblins. You could just send him to the end zone and get several crowns like that, right? Well, the Clash Royale team has set some limits so it does not happen. "Direct damage cards" can not be played after the 50-yard line, while all other cards may only be played in the 30-yard line and back.
 50 Yard Line (Miner, Cemetery, Barrel of Goblins and Trunk)
Line  30 yards (All other cards)

Interesting features of the new Touchdown mode

As I said above, this game mode will have some special features, different from what we are accustomed in the classic game, here are some points:
  • The barbarians will be the only troops to have a different look, with a football player's helmet. The rest of the cards will remain unchanged.
  • For the first time, the crown towers (with the princesses) and the king will not appear in the arena.
  • Taking into account the above feature, this is the NEW ARENA that developers commented on in an earlier podcast.
  • Some cards will be limited. Using an example, if someone played a normal Miner on the other side, we could easily win, and that should be avoided. So to make the game more balanced, the Miner, Goblin Barrel, and the Graveyard can only be deployed to half the field.
  • We will soon update the list with other information, if applicable.

Touchdown Mode Banned Cards

In addition to limited cards, we will also have cards banned from this game mode in order to maintain fairer and more fun gameplay. As you may have been following in Touchdown Tournament presentation Livestreaming , some cards did not appear, so let's check out the list of cards that will not be available in Touchdown:
  • Bats
  • Mega Knight
  • Elixir Collector
  • Flying machine
  • Cannon
  • Cannon Cart
The motivation of this measure is to make the game more balanced and addictive. Thus, Supercell was forced to exclude cards that could provide easy wins.

Touchdown Mode Gameplay (Tournament Summary)

Below you can watch a summary of the best moments of the Touchdown Ad Tournament:
This is the first post in the series I want to do, about this new game mode. Stay tuned on the site for tips, information and news.

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