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The Best of Mega Knight Deck UPDATED

The evil Mega Knight was released on the Clash Royale and is already in the TOP META of the game, ie it is present in the great majority of the best decks winning today in the Clash Royale. Although it is a troop that can hardly initiate an attack, if used at the right moment of the battle it totally ends with any chance of defense of the adversary. Tested and approved, we brought today the best Deck of Mega Knight, check below the great DECK and also how to use each troop at the moment of battle!  

Check out the Mega Knight Deck:

mega rider deck clash royale

Tips and Strategies for the Mega Knight Deck


Basically they should be used for defenses, counter-attacks and cycling the Deck. It's a key card in defense, be careful with ZAP and positioning.

Ice Golem

Key piece in the deck defense. There are several possible strategic positions with this card.Use wisely to attract the attention of the enemy.
Can be used to cycle and run with the Hog. Ice Golem in Front and hog behind.
infernal Dragon

Infernal Dragon

"A flying inferno tower"
Use it to end Giants, Golens, Pekka, or anything else that might attack you. Beware of troops in large numbers like Skeleton Army or Minion Horde. Get smart with the ZAP and Ball of Fire to defend yourself.


Excellent cost benefit on the deck, the goblins must be used initially for defense, but can also be used to make a combo with the hog or accelerate a counter attack by Mega knight.

Fire ball

 Great for wrecking collectors, Minion Horde defense or any comboIn general, study the enemy's deck to use it in the best possible way.
clash-clash-royale-zapzap is a key card for attack and defense. The ZAP should be used with caution until one understands the opponent's deck. Basically what will define in which function you must use is the opponent's deck. Example: enemy has an inferno tower, you will need ZAP to be able to reset the inferno tower.

Mega Knight

 The Mega Knight seems to be the best card for the attack, but make no mistake, it is very easy to defend him if the opponent has the Exliri full, so he is great for a counterattack! Use it to defend Hog, Three Musketeers, Horde of troops that are behind a Golem or Giant too.
weak against Inferno Tower and Pekka!


We finally got to the Hog! Without doubt the key to the attacks and the greater amount of damage done to the opponent's tower. He practically collapses with all the cards of this Deck. Study the opponent and see how best to attack with the hog. It can be an Ice Golem and Hog or maybe Hog and Fire Ball.

Be careful!

tower-hell-clash-royalePEKKA-clash-royale-epic-cardinfernal Dragon
Be especially careful with these cards on your opponent's Deck. No doubt they are the biggest offense for the Mega Knight and Hog. In these circumstances more than ever you should stay in defensive mode and seek successful counterattacks. Be careful with your elixir.

Finally, this Deck gets control of the game easily, with lots of low cost and defense-oriented cards, if properly used this Deck can give you many victories in Grand Challenges and Tournaments
If you have any questions, suggestions or criticism feel free to comment! We will be happy to respond.
Until the next post!Bye!

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