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Are you looking for a Cannon Cart Deck? Here it is.
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Cannon cart is top, today I came to bring here, a quick deck of Cannon Cart, Electric Wizard and Cemetery: 3

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Function of each deck card:
Tombstone -  Its defensive construction, an excellent card, costing only 3 of elixir, its for playing against Giant, Pekka, Golem ,Hog Rider
Electro Wizard - Your support, even after the nerf, Electro Wizard continues top, using the initial Zap, you can kill several swarm troops, with his stun and his formidable damage he counter many troops with the help of the tower
Bats - Your air defense and cycle card, these 5 can make a great defense, if positioned correctly, they + Ice Golem can counter an entire Minion horde, use it also against Balloon, Valkyrie, Graveyard and also support in the time to kill heavier troops
Ice Golem - His distraction, with his debuff after death, he manages to delay MANY  troops, Pekka, Elite Barbarians, Knight, Mega Minion, Mega Knight, also use him as a tank damage to the Graveyard .
Cannon Cart - As I said, this card was very good after the buff it received at the last balance, as it does a good damage and has a good life, good in defense and offense.
Graveyard - Your Win Condition, when it received a nerf was simply unfit to use, but now that you have received a buff, Graveyard returns to the arena with everything, a quick combo with Ice Golem and Poison can be simply brutal if the enemy has only swarm troops to kill your graveyard, use it in attack, like a surprise card.
Log - Your low damage spell, very good against swarm troops, use it against Goblin Barrel, Princess, Goblin Gang, if the enemy is using LogBait, always keep log to counter Goblin Barrel  as it is the Win Condition of LogBait and the card with more chance of reaching the tower
Poison - Your high damage spell, undoubtedly one of the best high damage spells currently, good both in attack with the Graveyard and in defense, helping if the opponent makes a combo with Minion Horde.
  • Pros: Cycle very fast, manages to make a great defense and a counter attack even better
  • Cons: Siege Decks is a real problem, since it does not have anything to really tank the damage of an X-Bow , but it can win
Good luck! : 3

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