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Hey Royalers! In this post I will share a tip from Deck with Pekka and Hunter (Hunter) to Arena 9+. This Pekka Hunter Deck is very good at the current Goal for the Arena 9 players and we all know that the Hunter is an absolute beast in the defense and can end up with several troops and due to his peculiarity of attack, can cause a little damage to the Tower too. So this deck is perfect for you and will definitely help you to hit your personal goal, come take a look at this deck utilization guide!

The cards that form the Deck are these:
Carta P.E.K.K.A de Clash Royale - Cards Wiki Morcegos de Clash Royale Carta Mineiro de Clash Royale - Cards Wiki Caçador de Clash Royale - Cards Wiki
Bandida de Clash Royale Carta Veneno de Clash Royale - Cards Wiki Carta Raio de Clash Royale - Cards Wiki Carta Espírito de Gelo de Clash Royale - Cards Wiki
PEKKA: One of the (if not the best) defensive cards in the game. Excellent tank killer and good tank for the rest of the cards on this deck. It works fine in counter attack, which means you can kill a Runner with it, and then start a counter attack with Hunter or Miner! She is also her main counter for opposing tanks such as Giant or Megaker. I do not recommend using it as a victory condition because everyone knows PEKKA is easily distracted and killed by hordes of troops.
Miner: It is the main win condition of this deck. The Miner can handle hundreds of damage easily, inflicting damage to the tower little by little. Keep this in mind when using Miner. Always try to change your positioning. Try to use all 16 squares around the tower to put it. Do not forget to use it to destroy Collectors and murder Princesses.

Hunter: This card is very good by Elixir 4. He has a lot of life and can actually end up with a Mini PEKKA if she falls on top of the Hunter. He is the true absolute animal of the defense and can do away with most of the troops, but you need to use this card to help PEKKA.
Poison : This is one of the strongest spells in the current target. This is because of the cards like Guards and Bats, which can be easily fought with Poison. Use it to clear the area and restrict the opponents' movements. It has a great synergy with Miner as well as PEKKA, making it a great spell choice to have on this deck. Use it to destroy buildings, "Glass Cannons", Hordes and end up with weak towers. It is also an excellent and definitive safer counter for the Graveyard.
Bats: These purple creatures have one insane damage per second, and are incredible against any high DPS troop. Combined with the Miner, they form an incredible push, forcing their opponent to split their troops or suffer great damage from the Miner or Bats. And this mini-push only costs 5 elixir! And it acts as Zap bait so your Infernal Dragon can do its job.
Ice Spirits: This card is incredible for 1 of Elixir. He freezes the troop he beats for a second. Works great with the Goblins Gang in the defense to kill a Hallway, as well as the Barrel Goblins to freeze the tower. This card is also a solid choice if you need to cycle or defend a Servant Horde if a Princess is not in your hand. Join him with the Goblin Gang to defend the Hall.
Bandit: Secondary victory condition and push split card. If one side of the tower is congested with troops and you are having trouble overcoming something like "Exenado" (executioner + tornado), a Bandit with a Zap or Bats in the way of the other tower can force your opponent to use your elixir and ignore your PEKKA or Hunter heading towards the other tower. Generally, a Bandid-split push results in a significant amount of damage to both towers, or the opponent loses a tower completely.
Zap: There is not much what to say about this letter because everyone knows how and when to use it.

Tips for using the Pekka Deck and Hunter for Arena 9+:
This Deck is currently used by some top ranking players as well. It is nothing more than a variation of the Miner Poison deck where the Hunter replaces the Princess and the added PEKKA to take advantage. Go from Contra attack. The objective is to get as many Poison + Mineiro as possible while defending with the remaining troops.
This Deck has the strongest defense in this entire game currently. (while suffering a bit against the aerial decks, I can summarize this deck with: Defend with any card and throw the Minero in the counter attack and the Poison in the area that the Miner is, to carry out the task of defending the miner and causing a little damage to the tower.
Suggestions for deck replacements
Zap: You could use the Trunk, but I would not advise that, because you'll run out of a way to stun cargo troops or kill bats.
Bandit: You could use the Battleship or Royal Phantom, but because the Battlecruiser is so slow, you'll be missing out on this surprise bridge-spam factor.

Has anyone used this deck yet? If so, leave a comment saying how it was and if you can, with complementary tips!

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