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Average cost of elixir: 3.375

General Deck Guide

Fast Deck, but with medium cycle. It has both control and beatdown characteristics. Against more offensive opponents, the strategy is to achieve positive elixir exchanges, and counter-attack with force and fury to knock down at least one tower within the first 2 minutes of play. Against more defensive opponents, it is indicated to be equally on the defensive, and to go down one of the towers with Miner little by little, waiting for some possible breach in the defense to consolidate the overthrow of the tower and to win with 1 crown. It is vulnerable against heavy decks: especially Three Musketeers and Golem . In this case, the best chance of victory is to prevent the opponent from gaining elixir advantage with Collector and try to start from 3 crowns before getting double the elixir; already against Mega Knight and PEKKA is more tranquil, the scheme is to put these tanks to stroll through the arena behind his Giant .


The deck is based on two main groups of combos and plays - one based on Goblin Gang and Miner , and another Giant and Minions . The Dark stands as a joker, can be used both to distract and force your opponent to spend elixir on one side of the arena as you release one of the combos from the other, and to reinforce one of the two combos.
Cards: Goblin Gang and Miner
Elixir expenditure: 6
One of the basic combos of the deck. Take advantage of the great synergy between the two troops - the Miner to tank the tower, while the Goblin Gang destroys it with its very high DPS (Damage per second). Suitable for more difficult matches. With this simpler variant, you save 2 elixir and save the Rage to use at another opportunity.
Fast and furious
Cards: Goblin Gang , Miner and Rage
Elixir expenditure: 8
Relatively lightweight and fast combo - capable of knocking down a tower within seconds. Use it preferably as a counter-attack after favorable elixir exchanges, or after a perfect defense with Goblins Gang (for example, use the gang to defend Goblin Barrel and then engage the Miner ).
Fast and Tremendous
Cards: Goblin Gang , Miner and Dark Prince
Elixir expenditure: 10
Release the Dark prince on one side (usually near his king's tower), and the rest of the combo on the other. This is a consistent and fast attack on the two towers simultaneously, which will force your opponent to split the defenses, or take a large amount of damage on one of the towers.
'Fast, Furious and Tremendous'
Letters: Goblin Gang , Miner , Dark Prince and Rage
Elixir expenditure: 12
Full version of the combo. Ideal to be used early in the game, or in the first minute. Unleash the Dark Prince behind his king's tower, wait for the opponent to spend elixir to defend him, throw the Miner and Goblin Gang on the other side and then the Rage . If the opponent confuses himself in the defense, or has had bad luck with the starting cards, the chance to knock down a turret right out of the face is quite large. In specific situations (usually at times more advanced than a truncated match), it may be best to drop all cards on the same side of the arena, consolidating a more consistent and focused offense.
'Winged Giant'
Letters: Giant and Minions
Elixir expenditure: 8
Second basic deck combo. Although quite simple, it is strong due to the synergy between the two cards. Indicated for counterattacks after positive elixir changes. Be clever to clear potential hordes - especially the Minion Horde - with your arrows. Also, be careful not to let the Minion pass the Giant before the bridge, as these are much faster.
'Giant of Dark'
Letters: Giant and Dark Prince
Elixir expenditure: 9
Release the Dark Prince behind his tower of the king and the Giant early, already in the bridge. Although the Dark Prince push the Giant , increasing its speed, this combo does not have a synergy as good as the Winged Giant. However, depending on the situation, it may be worth it - even if it is to amend a Fast and Furious in the other tower. It does not work so well with Rage.
'Giant Winged Furious'
Letters: Giant , Minions and Rage
Elixir expenditure: 10
Adding the Rage to the basic Giant and Minion combo, it becomes lethal. If your opponent does not stop this Minions , these will serve to clear the path of the Giant, and the tower will fall in a matter of seconds. At worst, such a move will at least guarantee medium damage to the opposing tower - your giant will hardly give you 2 or 3 punches on it.
'Winged Giant of Dark'
Letters: Giant , Minions and Dark Prince
Elixir expenditure: 12
Preferably, release the Dark Prince behind his king's tower, the Giant in front of him on the bridge, and the Minions when he finds it best - taking care of them not to overtake the Giant and also not to be exposed to area attacks Wizard or Executor ). It is a strong combo and difficult to defend.
The Furious Dark Winged Giant
Letters: Giant , Minions , Dark Prince and Rage
Elixir expenditure: 14
Full version of the second combo, however, I'll admit that I do not use it as much. Although strong (it is the main beatdown of the deck), it is very costly and a little out of the style of the deck game - which is more of performing quick attacks in both of the opposing towers. However, this combo is useful especially against those very good control decks, which are based on weak and cheap defenses to achieve positive elixir exchanges ( Ice Golem, Ice Spirit , Tombstone etc), because with it you are able to to overpower the opposing defenses and to crush the tower in a single offensive.
The Despair of the Miner
Letters: Miner , Arrows and Rage
Elixir expenditure: 8
It's not exactly a combo, it's more of an offensive mentality to be taken in those truncated games that no one can actually do an offensive that can outrun enemy defenses. Playing these three cards is usually a guarantee that you can deal some reasonable damage to the tower. Avoid playing the Miner always in the same place, in order to make the play more unpredictable.

Arrows : There are two different Arrow functions on this deck: an offense - clear Minion Horde or even Goblin Gang that is in the way of your attack troops (especially the Giant ) - and another defensive - destroy Goblin Barrel without taking damage some. However, be smart because you can use the Arrows in a third way, which is also offensive: along with Miner in truncated battles. Believe me, the 100 damage this spell deals with direct damage to the tower, sometimes makes all the difference to ensure a sweeping 1-crown win.
Giant : One of the deck's main cards to knock down towers. It should always be used along with some other troops to support it. In some situations, it must also be invoked for defense - especially against MegaKnight and PEKKA (throw the Giant near the middle of the arena, but on the opposite side where these enemy troops are coming for them to stroll).
Goblin Gang : Main support for your Miner , due to his high DPS. In addition, it's your only deck horde card, so it's common to throw it in the arena for defensive purposes - and often already mend the counterattack.
Electro Wizard : It's a rather loose card on the deck, however, fundamental to his defense. Hold Balloon alone, and together with some other card, LavaHound , Golem (with difficulty), Giant . Efficient also against Hog, Goblin Barrel and Miner . In desperation, even against medium troops ( Magician , Musketeer , Flying Machine etc). Always remember that Electro WIzard is a support card, lousy to attack alone, but useful to aid in offensives.
Minions: Main support for the Giant . Very useful also to contribute in the defense against diverse tanks, and also Balloon .
Rage: It's the differential in a quick offense - be it a counter attack, or a surprise attack on the other tower - and it's also the "plus" that ensures you overlap your opponent's defenses on a heavier offense. Unlike when used in other decks, I do not usually hide the Rage , but rather use it whenever it guarantees a damage differential in the enemy tower.
Dark Prince : The Joker of the Deck. It works well with your two main combos, or even alone in a quick or double offense. In addition, your shield protects you from strong spells of damage - like Rocket and Fireball . And it is his main defense against medium-sized troops - especially Bandit - and he is also the one that holds Elite Barbarians (play the Dark Prince fast to give him time to start his attack and deal double damage).
Miner : Basic chart. The correct way to use it is like tank to other cards - preferably Goblin Gang because of its high DPS. It is also the way you have to win overly truncated battles - in desperation it is valid until you use the combo of Despair, Miner , Arrows and Fury . Use Miner also to break Elixir Collector , but do not despair!

Possible variant: Remove Rage and Arrows , Zap and Fireball . It thus allows the change of target of the opposing tower to his Miner . Anyway, you have to test.
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