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In this post, sent by the reader Manuel Dias VS , it will introduce a new Decks current META through a guide of how to use and possible counters! 
So folks, I usually leave one party to explain how you replace some cards, but this deck is very complicated . So I recommend using the original lineup, so now lets get to the cards:
Carta Golem de Clash Royale - Cards Wiki Charter Dragon Baby (Baby Dragon) Clash Royale - Cards Wiki Carta Megasservo do Clash Royale - Cards Wiki Carta Principe (Prince) de Clash Royale - Cards Wiki
Tornado Clash Royale Charter Elixir Collector Clash Royale - Cards Wiki Letter Dark Knight Clash Royale - Cards Wiki Carta Raio de Clash Royale - Cards Wiki
you saw the deck? So you must have noticed this cards, which was in the latest balance of the game. Exactly Dark Prince.Now see prince brothers back to goal, this time with Golem and Collector.

How should I use the deck?

This question is very common, but simple to answer. First we must try to get an edge elixir with the collector (to get the attention of the opponent), second you should always play the Golem well positioned in a good situation, in the third you should hold on defense, fourth enjoy the area damage with Dark Prince, dragon Baby and Tornado. Finally you should think about the opponent's cards and play carefully because you never know when the opponent will make a push in the other tower!

I apologize if I get the idea well, but this deck and much like the decks of beatdown.

Thank You! 

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