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Hey Royalers, in this post you will check out a deck hint from the player 'Hyp3rion.akki' . This is a Giant Deck, Royal Ghost and Graveyard . An incredibly strong combination, no matter which arena you are in, it's easy to use, check out our Guide!

The cards that form the Deck are these:

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Giant: Your main tank and your victory condition for 5 elixir, this card has enough hit points and good DPS and when you combo him with a graveyard, he does a deadly combo for ten elixir. You can put the Giant in front of weak troops for a strong counter attack and to deal with great damage. This deck has no Troop of Area Damage except the Royal Ghost, so try to use the Poison in a way that will do damage to the area in the best way and for longer as the troops pass through it.
Poison: Poison is perfect for clearing hordes of troops, increasing damage makes the Skeleton Army obsolete in defense and creates a large area of ​​ effect where no troop can be placed. He is perfect to end those annoying spawners at the same time, that cause much damage in the towers of the enemy. He is an excellent counter for the Graveyard opponent as it provides an excellent exchange.
Real Ghost: I usually use this card behind my tank and mostly as my first move in the opposite tower, whenever my opponents place cards like Golem or PEKKA behind the king's tower.
Mega Minion: The Mega Minion is mainly used to defend, because of its good amount of life, I would not use it as a tank for the Graveyard, unless you have nothing else in your hand. He is great at Giant's push, wiping out the troops and if ignored can cause devastating damage behind any tank.
Graveyard: This is your victory condition here. The Graveyard should only be used when your Giant is crossing the bridge, it should be used primarily to attack the tower when you have surviving defensive troops crossing the bridge. The Graveyard is great because the skeleton generation speed is pretty slow, making it the perfect card to win. However, the Graveyard is quite expensive and requires skill to use.
Arrows: We need something to protect our graveyard from Minions and hordes if the poison is not in our hand. The arrows protect us from the hordes. They are also a better option than the Fireball against the Goblin Barrel and better than the Trunk or zap against the Minion Horde.
Archers: Your other key defensive tool are archers, extremely versatile. They are also a great starting card game, they can be divided into the back of the tower, for a decent threat to both towers. They are great anti-aircraft, since it has a good DPS and they work beautifully in the attack when ignored.
Ice Spirit: The Ice Spirit provides a lot of value for only 1 elixir, and even though it's a little less used than the skeletons, it still finds a good place on this deck. Killing anything becomes much easier, thanks to the Ice Spirit. Your Giant can get more hits.

On deck playability, the main strategy is to make cheap pushs with the Royal Phantom and start the match with the Archers on the back or with a Royal Phantom on the bridge to identify your opponent's counters.
Best starting moves: Giant / Arches in the back. This deck depends a lot on a good starting hand!
At the beginning of the game, see what your opponent has and do not play too much, because you have a normal cycle and a solid defense.
If you have a really bad starting hand, simply wait for your opponent to make the first move. It should be easier for you because you can get the initial chance for an Elixir advantage
And when you get double the elixir, the cycle will be much faster. Just go on dealing damage little by little on his tower, with graveyard and defend with Mega Minion and Real Ghost.
Also keep in mind not to rinse the elixir. And do not keep the elixir bar in 10 for a long time. In the first minute, observe the opponent's victory conditions. And see your counters for the Graveyard. Try to play a combo with Poison, Cycle Graveyard + Poison and also try the Giant + Graveyard + Poison combo for great damage.

Thank You! 


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