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This is a very versatile deck, from PEKKA and Phantom Royal. After a few starts with this deck, you'll see how good it can get out of the current goal. The Deck is this below:
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Function of each deck card:

Miner: This is a condition of victory. This deck requires an alternate win condition because of how difficult it is to make a Pekka reach the tower. So Miner is the key to getting damage, and if you use Skeleton Army or Goblin Gang to contain your miner, you can use Poison and Miner. The only problem with this is that it can be pulling it to the King's Tower using Tornado so this can be repeated if you start to be predictable with the placements. You'll rarely want to use Miner in defense, but you can when needed, especially in the Elixir Collector.
Royal Ghost: The Royal Ghost is a very OP troop on the offense, especially if you throw it behind a tank. He is similar to the Mega Knight and the Knight. Life similar to Knight and Damage per second of Knight. It deals damage to area, so it is not countered by hordes so easily. Combar Miner with Royal Ghost can be fun.
PEKKA: The main win condition of this deck, obviously. She is excellent against decks of Giant, Prince, Poion, Royal Giant and Golem with Dark Witch, which is extremely popular in the current meta-game. Since it has a cost of 7 Elixir and a time of mobilization in the arena of 1 second, I usually put it behind the tower of the king, so that I can have enough Elixir to launch a big push when it is about to cross the bridge I release my Electric Magician to a probable Inferno Tower or Infernal Dragon and other support cards, plus it is good to be ready for a Poison and Zap.
Electric Magician: One of the best legendary cards. In this Deck he is his air defense along with the Bats. He can also restart Sparky and Inferno Tower that are on the offensive against his PEKKA. This is a very versatile card to aid in offensive and defensive attacks. The unique stunning ability can be used very effectively in defense and with the PEKKA and the Flying Machine on offense.
Poison: This card is a victory condition for the Miner, as the Miner can not be used as a victory condition without this spell. It is good to fight the Miner with this spell by launching an attack. We all know it is good at offense. So do not hesitate to use it in defense to do away with hordes, such as Skeleton Army and Minion Horde, etc. and in addition, the poison is an excellent Graveyard counter.
Guards: Guards are one of the best defensive units in the Clash Royale due to their good DpS, low Elixir cost and especially their shields.
Bats: These adorable companions are great for deck cycling and air defense, being a great counter and cheaper for all airborne troops except the Dragon Baby. They can reach the tower when ignored, with a bat hitting the tower while dying. Collectively, at the tournament level, they cause 335 DPS. Overall, they provide great value for your insanely low cost!
Zap: Rests the damage of the Inferno Tower, Sparky, kills fragile units to make way for The Miner, etc. This is Zap. It's also good to give the Miner an extra second to do more damage to the tower and maybe destroy it. It can be replaced by Trunk or Arrows, but is not recommended as Bats are everywhere and can provide a negative elixir exchange.

Talking about the gameplay of the deck, it may not be very good to play with it aggressively for the first minute, maybe it's better to play Bats on the back, Royal Ghost on the bridg.
This Pekka Deck and Royal Ghost for Arena 10 depends on the Control game and the damage little by little to destroy a tower, with the combo of Miner + Bats, and if you make a mistake, it can cost you the victory.
If Pekka is not on hand, you should go for mini-pushs like Miner + Bats, Royal Ghost with Zap ready. I just compromise my entire elixir for a push, if I know that my opponent does not have the answers to it, whether I have an elixir advantage, or is it to end a tower. During the Double Elixir try the Miner + Poison cycle and defend with the Pekka.
If your opponent puts an Elixir Collector in the middle, you can split the Guards to force both Lane and use Miner on the Colloctor. This can make the opponent confuse himself, without knowing which side you will push.
Comment on what they found on Deck! If you have complementary tips or substitution suggestions, drop below!

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