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Hello everyone! Try out this deck this is one of the best deck right now in clash royale. CLASHwithSHANE playing this deck in Challenges versus a Giant Deck, Golem Deck, Hog-Nado Deck, and a Valkyrie Deck.



  • This deck only has 2.9 average elixirs.
  • Pair the Goblin Barrel with the Ice Spirit for a 4 elixir push.
  • Princess can deal chip damage at the bridge.
  • Note - Quickly punish your opponent by using the Goblin Barrel + Ice Spirit combo. You can then make another push with the Knight and Zappies. The Princess can also deal tower damage at the bridge.


  • Spam the Princess to clear any invaders and to bait spells.
  • Knight and Zappies for high HP units.
  • You can also use Zappies for aerials and to stun units.
  • Goblin Gang for quick counter.
  • Note - The Princess is irritating to your opponent as soon as you have 2-3 in the arena. Goblin Gang for quick counters. Zappies to stun and zap both air and ground units.

Watch Out For

Mega Knight


These are the cards that are normally played together:
Ideal Push
goblin_barrel.png IceSpirit.png princess.png
Zappies Push
knight.png zappies.png princess.png
princess.png zappies.png Goblin_Gang.png



Thank You!

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